Friday, April 13, 2012

Iris Rising: QR Art Guide

This QR code will take you to the mobile site using your QR phone app.

 Iris PhotoCollective, in collaboration with sound curator George Fishman, have placed QR codes in "Eclectic", a art showcase at the Little Haiti Community Center (LHCC) in Miami, Florida.  Using your smart phone,  just scan the QR code and you can learn about this exciting new technology.

You can download a QR code scanner for your smart phone now by going to and following the instructions. After the application is installed in your phone, you just launch it and “snap” a QR code, as though you were taking a photo. The app will read it and automatically open the link, so the audio can play. You can listen right away, or snap the code and listen later. Most apps keep a “history” of codes you have scanned.

ABOUT QR ART GUIDE is a service that records and edits artist and curatorial commentaries then delivers them to audiences through their smart phones. Visit the site on your computer or smart phone for more information. 

Photojournalist Carl Juste, left, is interviewed by Fishman.

George Fishman received a fine arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1971. He has designed and created commissioned mosaic artworks for 25 years, while also writing, editing and presenting at conferences and serving on arts boards. In 2009 he began recording interviews with arts professionals, collecting them on the Mosaic of Art web site, and now links edited audio commentaries to QR codes for galleries, artists and institutions 

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