Sunday, March 29, 2009

IRIS RISING: University of Southern Mississippi Photojournalism Workshop

The University of Southern Mississippi Photojournalism Workshop took place over the weekend and was organized and directed by Clarence Williams, Iris PhotoCollective co-founder and head of University of Southern Mississippi's photojournalism department. Iris PhotoCollective photographers André Chung, Carl Juste, and Pablo Martínez Monsívaís rounded out the instructors. 

Pablo Martínez works with students.

Starting with four college and five high school students, the workshop concentrated on engaging students in the visual language of photography and advancing the strong ethics of photojournalism.

Among the high school students, Raymond High School junior Sadie Carrillo produced a standout photo essay on race relations at her predominately black public high school. The thoughtful portraits are especially poignant when paired with the quotes of her young subjects.

photo by Sadie Carrillo

USM photojournalism major Eli Baylis stepped up with a powerful story of an undocumented Mexican immigrant and his family as they wait to find out his disposition. James Cortez (an alias) was caught in a sweep of undocumented workers at Howard Industries that saw 600 people detained, and now faces deportation.

photo by Eli Baylis

We will update you with a link to their work as soon as the gallery is posted. 

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