Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Iris Rising

In 2009 and beyond, Iris PhotoCollective will be participating in various international, national, and community-based events in several cities. Iris Rising will serve as a source to explore these events, to keep our friends informed and current on the where, who, and when of various Iris' endeavors.

Black Crossroads: The African Diaspora in Miami
On display March 5, 2009 to January 24, 2010
Historical Museum of Southern Florida
101 W. Flager Street, Miami, Florida 33130

Diverse groups of the African diaspora have come to settle, work and struggle for freedom in Miami since its incorporation in 1896 to the present day. In the process they have made significant political, economic and cultural contributions to the city. Black Crossroads: The African Diaspora in Miami explores the enduring presence and impact of African-Americans, Africans, black Caribbeans and black Hispanics on Miami.

The art of Iris PhotoCollective photojournalists, Andre Chung and Carl Juste, is part of this expansive and comprehensive exhibit. Andre Chung's photograph of a Haitian migrant worker dominates the large north wall creating a spacious pictorial landscape that incorporates a multi-media display within its frame.

Chung's complete attention to the nuances of Miami's diverse groups of the African diaspora is an anthropological approach to visual story telling. Keeping clear of cultural stereotypes and miscues, helps add to the depths of this exhibit and to his work.

On display in this exhibition are historic photographs, oral histories, memorabilia, film/video and artifacts related to black pioneers, families, laborers, communities and organizations spanning the over 100 history of black migrations to Miami.

Helping document South Florida's African diaspora, is one of the many highlights in Iris' participation in Black Crossroads: The African Diaspora in Miami.

So, if you are in the South Florida area and want to engage in a unique cultural experience please visit the exhibit at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida.

Take a free guided tour of the exhibition.

Free guided tours of Black Crossroads: The African Diaspora in Miami will be offered on the following dates and times:

Saturday, April 11 4 pm
Sunday, April 12 2 pm
Saturday, May 9 4 pm
Sunday, May 10 2 pm
Saturday, June 13 4 pm
Sunday, June 14 2 pm
Saturday, July 11 4 pm
Sunday, July 12 2 pm
Saturday, August 15 4 pm
Sunday, August 16 2 pm
Saturday, September 12 4 pm
Sunday, September 13 2 pm
Saturday, October 10 4 pm
Sunday, October 11, 2 pm
Saturday, November 14 4 pm
Sunday, November 15 2 pm
Saturday, December 12 4 pm
Sunday, December 13 2 pm
Saturday, January 9 4 pm
Sunday, January 10 2 pm

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