Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Inner Vision: Day 32 - 35

Jennifer Kay is a Miami-based reporter for The Associated Press who has enrolled in Iris' IPC Visual Lab. Before moving to Miami in 2005, Kay was an editorial assistant in the AP’s Philadelphia bureau, and previously graduated in 2001 from Dartmouth College, where she was the photography editor of the daily student newspaper. Kay is looking to expand her knowledge of the visual language and to engage in the process of visual story-telling. Her blog will be a common feature for the next several month on the Iris PhotoCollective's Iris Rising series.

Day 32: Glass
It's almost a mirror image, but the asymmetry gives the frame more interest because it raises questions: Who left these here? A half-empty bottle makes sense, but who carries around a glass tumbler and then leaves it on a wall outside Whole Foods!

When: 22 April, 6:51 p.m.
Where: outside Whole Foods, South Beach
Exposure: F3.7, 1/500, ISO800
Inner thoughts: The larger assignment is to explore my block, so I'm trying to incorporate that into the daily frame assignments. Sometimes it's not the people that are so interesting to me as the evidence of people.

Day 33: Themes
A tighter crop on this frame focuses the viewer on its opposite themes: age and youth, hands and feet, beginnings and endings.

When: 23 April, 5:27 p.m.
Where: Mundelein, IL
Exposure: F3.5, 1/80, ISO1600
Inner thoughts: I have to be honest, I really didn't want to do anything more than hang out with my family. I feel like I should have worked the angles on this more while my mother put tiny sandals onto my niece's tiny feet.

Day 34: Eyes
When I shot this image, the focus for me was on the strawberry and the girl's gesture. She wanted to feed me this strawberry. What Carol focused on, though, was the kindness and determination in her eyes. A clean background also makes this image work by not distracting from the girl's face or gesture.

When: 24 April, 2:22 p.m.
Where: Mundelein, IL
Exposure: F4, 1/100, ISO2500
Inner thoughts: Toddlers do, in fact, toddle, and quickly. It was difficult to get a clean frame of a fast-moving person in low light.

Day 35: Window
Again, a tighter crop sharpens the focus on the relationship between these train passengers, and between the passengers and their environment. I liked Carl's interpretation of the image, that the passengers looked like fish looking through the glass of their fish bowl.

When: 25 April, 12:10 p.m.
Where: Metra train, somewhere northwest of Chicago
Exposure: F4, 1/200, ISO2500
Inner thoughts: This marks the half-way point of this daily frame project. I wanted to capture the light coming through the windows on this train on a cloudy day.

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