Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inner Vision: Day 36 - 40

Jennifer Kay is a Miami-based reporter for The Associated Press who has enrolled in Iris' IPC Visual Lab. Before moving to Miami in 2005, Kay was an editorial assistant in the AP’s Philadelphia bureau, and previously graduated in 2001 from Dartmouth College, where she was the photography editor of the daily student newspaper. Kay is looking to expand her knowledge of the visual language and to engage in the process of visual story-telling. Her blog will be a common feature for the next several month on the Iris PhotoCollective's Iris Rising series.

Day 36: Airport
We didn't have much to say about this frame, other than that it was a success.

When: 26 April, 5:29 p.m.
Where: Miami International Airport
Exposure: F3.3, 1/320, ISO80

Inner Thoughts: Yes, you've seen this composition before, graphic element, reflection, plus a person. But, this is what airports look like to me: people carrying bags hurriedly walking past windows.

Day 37: Problem Tree
The original frame I sent had a glaring problem: A tree sharply in focus in a distracting block of light between two boys sitting on a stoop. Cropping the frame down to just one of the boys eliminated the problem and revealed something interest about his expression and the distorted perspective of his hands.

When: 27 April, 5:24 p.m.
Where: 13th and Meridian, South Beach
Exposure: F3.3, 1/200, ISO80

Inner Thoughts: Can I at least get credit for trying? How is that I miss the giant block of light in the background every single time? #annoyed

Day 38: Dryers
After awhile, the machines start to look a little alive, like one dryer is trying to block the other.

When: 28 April, 6:47 p.m.
Where: laundry room, South Beach
: F3.3, 1/100, ISO800

Inner Thoughts: I fall back on the familiar when I'm still frustrated about the frame that I didn't get right the day before.

Day 39: Luke on camera
Again, relying on a crop to highlight what's interesting in the frame. I just didn't have the right angle or height to get the shot I intended to.

When: 29 April, 3:58 p.m.
Where: Liberty City youth center. Miami-Dade mayoral candidate Luther "Luke" Campbell poses for cell phone pictures with staff and teens.
Exposure: F3.4, 1/125, ISO1600

Inner Thoughts: I was thinking about a photo Evan Vucci recently moved on AP wires from a presidential news conference, in which he captured an image of Obama at the podium in the screen of someone holding up a cell phone. It was an interesting picture for a routine political event, and I wanted to capture something similar.

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