Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My House, My Life : Jia Garcia

My name is Jia Garcia and I am nine and in the third grade at St. Rose of Lima. I like taking pictures because it is fun. I do not own a camera, so I use my itouch which was given to me by my grandpa for Christmas. I am also a IPC Visual Lab student who enjoy making pretty pictures. I want to share my visual world with the pictures that I am making while attending photo classes. My first picture is entitled "Feather." I wanted to take a photo of the shadow of my pet peacock's feather. My instructor wanted me to make a picture that has shadows and light.


I took this picture in my kitchen in the afternoon. The reason I took this picture is because I saw the feather and I wanted to take a picture of it.

Shadow Hand

I took this picture in my kitchen in the afternoon. The reason I took it is because I saw my sisters hand as a shadow and I thought it looked cool.


  1. Jia--
    I like the vision you have. It is not typical angles and topics that get noticed. You have a very unique eye for such a young age. Keep up the wood work!
    Love ya,
    Titi Marie :)

  2. Hi Jia-
    You are super talented! Keep up the great work. I will be looking forward to seeing more of your very cool photos.:)
    Antonia Gerstacker

  3. Jia - you have a strong sense of style and a keen eye for visual texture... Looking forward to seeing more of the world through your eyes.
    Cat Brown

  4. beautiful!!! i love the shot of yourself... very clever!

  5. Antonia GerstackerJune 25, 2011 at 7:48 AM

    Hi Jia-
    Looking forward to seeing your new photo ideas:)