Saturday, April 23, 2011

St. Agnes and La Via Crucis

Every Good Friday, the day Catholics observe the death of Jesus, St. Agnes Parish in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood walks the way of the cross, or La Via Crucis. It's a live journey that explores the Passion of Christ. A group of volunteer actors from the church act out the Stations of the Cross as they walk through a neighborhood that is torn by gang violence.

Faith is one of the aspects that unites the community and it's very apparent on religious holidays. La Via Crucis in Little Village is a journey into a neighborhood that has roots for many Hispanics. It's one of the communities that we call home and this exhibition of faith and religion is important to many of us. Even on a cold and rainy day La Fey, the faith, drives hundreds to witness a yearly tradition.

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  1. Mauricio,

    Well done the sound works well and integrates well with the video. I love the fact the stills advance the story telling of the video. Great job!