Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jia's Blog

My name is Jia Garcia and I am nine and in the third grade at St. Rose of Lima. I like taking pictures because it is fun. I do not own a camera, so I use my itouch which was given to me by my grandpa for Christmas. I am also a IPC Visual Lab student who enjoy making pretty pictures. I want to share my visual world with the pictures that I am making while attending photo classes.

“Lady Geisha,” Miami, Florida 2010 -- Geisha is our three year-old bull terrier. She is resting after running around and chasing lizards all day at her favorite spot in our house, our living room couch. I thought Geisha was cute resting on the couch. So I got my itouch and slowly moved to make this picture. Do you think she is cute? I love Geisha because she listens and is a good girl. We adopted Geisha from the Human Society in 2010. This was made after four months of Geisha’s arrival.

“Nosy Geisha,” Miami, Florida 2011 - Geisha places her nose inside a hole while searching for lizards. My mother sometimes yells at Geisha because she misbehaves. It makes me feel sad for
her because I know that she is a good girl.

“Shapes and Circles,” Miami, Florida 2011 - This the last picture taken of my grandpa’s outdoor table. I was looking for shapes around my house to photograph and notice the squares, rectangle, and two circles formed by the tiles. I am happy that we have this picture because it was destroyed by workers removing tree. Part of the tree fell on the table splitting it in half.

“Antique Times,” Miami, Florida 2011 - This my mother’s favorite picture because her best friend gave her this antique
phone as a gift before I was born. I was walking around our house looking for shapes and numbers. The phone caught my eye, but I did not like where it was. So, I move it to clean the background so that the phone can stand out.

“Mr. Blue,” Miami, Florida 2011 - My pet peacock is named “Mr. Peter.” I love his colorful feathers. I was asked to make a photo of him. I saw his blue and green colored feathers so I walked close to him and zoomed in . Blue is my favorite color. What is yours?


  1. Jia, congratulations on great documentary work! I love the photo of Geisha after chasing lizards, she looks so exhausted! She must be a fun pet to have even though she is certainly nosey! The photo of her nose almost in the hole speaks for itself! Also like the phone image. It gave me a sense of it being a relic, a precious family treasure, or as you mentioned a valued family gift. As to the peacock, the colors are certainly very attractive and beautiful. I like the volume of his/her belly against the ground. I noticed that immediately since these beautiful birds usually don't look that big.
    Sorry that your grandpa's table broke, and it is a great thing that you took this picture before that happened. Not only is it interesting and shows shapes, colors, and textures but it documents the condition of the table before the damage (not that this was your intention).
    I also study at IPC and must say, that you have a great grasp of documentary work. It's exciting to be able to produce images that tell a story and you do that so well!

  2. i think you work is very good. it shows who you are as a photographer.

  3. These photos are quite amazing. They tell a story by themselves. In "Lady Geisha" the dog's eyes really appears tired as if his whole day activities worn him out.

  4. Rachel RedingtonMay 2, 2011 at 9:27 PM

    Great pictures, Jia,you really have an incredible eye for photography. Keep up the wonderful work. I can't wait to see more. I am so impressed. I love the commentary too!!

  5. Jia- we are all so impressed with your wonderful talent! Can't wait to see more pictures and your blogs.

  6. Jia congratulations !!!! great job you have a bright future... !!!!

  7. Jia, you are really proving to have an artistic eye, your work is beautiful!!! Love Titi!