Monday, May 2, 2011

Inner Vision: Photoblogs 14 -20

Day 14: Limes

When: 4 April, 9:44 p.m.
Where: my kitchen, South Beach
Exposure: F3.3, 1/2, iso400
What: a Cuba Libre

Inner thoughts: This is not a picture of lines. It is a picture of limes. Completely different. Well, I missed all the good light outside, so I tried to make something out of nothing.

I blame Bogus Focus. I got home too late for the good light, and I needed a drink, and maybe the cocktail is why the limes seemed interesting. Looking at the back of the camera, I thought I had a much better shot of the limes at the bottom of the glass. I was wrong when I pulled up the image on my computer; the focus wasn't crisp enough, so I had to settle for a lesser frame.

Day 15: Hands

When: 5 April, 7:32 p.m.
Where: 10th and Washington, South Beach
Exposure: F4.9, 1/25, ISO1600

Inner thoughts: My idea was to shoot what people were holding in their hands as they walked down the street, to see if anything interesting could be found in the shapes of their hands, the rhythm of their strides. Unfortunately, these small items, like a cigarette in a hand, were hard to focus on in the dim light. This frame is more of me trying to make something out of nothing; I just like the shape of his hand here. I aim to re-do this idea in better light.

I walk the same route to and from the gym, and to make it interesting, I started giving myself little assignments in panning and watching what people carry in their hands. I just couldn't seem to hold the focus on this guy's hand and cigarette, but at least it's a recognizable gesture.

Day 16: Comfort Zone

When: 6 April, 11:26 p.m.
Where: laundry room, South Beach
Exposure: F3.8, 1/80, ISO800

Inner thoughts:
When doing laundry and other drudgery, still look for odd numbers. Or, more adventures in making something out of nothing.

I really, really like abstract photos of odd numbers of inanimate objects. Here, I revisit the odd formation of three skateboards on Day 1 with three faucets in the laundry room. The focus is the sharp contrast of the black faucets against the blank white wall.

Day 17: Orchids Revisited

When: 7 April, 6:32 p.m.
Where: poolside, South Beach
Exposure: F4.9, 1/100, ISO80

Inner thoughts: I revisit the orchids, trying to fix the light problem experienced earlier. I still don't think I got the lighting right, and now the curves in the flowers are less interesting.

I revisit the orchids from Day 6, trying to fix the problem of the box of light distracting the eye in the bottom left corner of that frame. That problem was mostly solved, but there's a new problem: more than a week later, the flowers have wilted a little. The petals aren't as crisp, the graphic curves of the Day 6 frame are muddled and soft by Day 17. The lesson learned: you can't go back, you have to get it right the first time.

Day 17-alternate frame:

7 April, 7:32 p.m.
Where: the pool South Beach
Exposure: F4.4, 1/500, ISO800
Inner thoughts: I thought Carl would think a reflection was lazy, so I didn't send it.

I should have sent this to Carl instead of the orchids redux. Upside-down is actually right side up: the streetlight and the boat's mast are reflecting in the swimming pool, their vertical lines split by the pool's lane line. This frame, though, is the start of a new kind of rut: reflections.

Day 18: Hands Revisited

When: 8 April, 10:58 a.m.
Where: Lincoln Road, South Beach
Exposure: F4.8, 1/400, ISO80

Inner thoughts: I gave myself the task of photographing this couple's hands as they walked ahead of me on Lincoln Road. This is a project I will aim to redo, again.

Sure, it's in focus, but so what? It's the least awful frame of a boring bunch of frames of this couple's hand-holding on Lincoln Road. #rut

Day 19:
Kids Running

When: 9 April, 4:57 p.m.
Where: North Shore beach park, 80th and Collins, Miami Beach
Exposure: F6.3, 1/2000, ISO500

Inner thoughts: I tried playing again with the high-speed burst option on my camera, but I'm afraid things are coming out pixelated. How can I fix that? I know how I would want to crop this, but I wanted you to see the original image. I liked the line of kids running, how they almost line up by size, and then the lines of people repeated behind them.

Compared to the previous frame, this one's a risk that kind of pays off, with the tallest kid in the front line in mid-air running up the hill. I like the three graphic lines of people captured in this frame. #risk

Day 20: Necklaces

When: 10 April, 10:33 p.m.
Where: my apartment, South Beach
Exposure: F3.3, 1/20, ISO800
What: Necklaces I hang from a towel rack in my bathroom.

Inner thoughts: I chose to stay inside with Griff and Leibovitz instead of going out in search of people. In retrospect, I should have gone out in search of people. People will return, I promise.

A jumble of my necklaces hanging on a towel rack in my bathroom. I didn't want another blank in these photo-a-day series, so I had to take a picture of something. It's a step back, instead of a step forward. #rut

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