Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jia's Blog: My House, My Life - 3rd Entry

My name is Jia Garcia and I am nine and in the third grade at St. Rose of Lima. I like taking pictures because it is fun. I do not own a camera, so I use my itouch which was given to me by my grandpa for Christmas. I am also a IPC Visual Lab student who enjoy making pretty pictures. I want to share my visual world with the pictures that I am making while attending photo classes.

These are photos of my family that I made as part as my assignment. I was asked to make pictures of members of my family which I thought was going to be easy.

"Mama Mia", Miami, Florida 2011
I took this picture when I was doing my homework and I saw my mom cleaning up the table. The reason I took it is because my mom was in front of me and it was a straight shot. My favorite part of the picture is the thin shadow which follows my mom on the wall behind her. No-one noticed the shadow only me. Unfortunately, I cropped out the table which I thought was important to have in my picture.

"Magazine Maya", Miami, Florida 2011
This is a picture of my little sister looking at a magazine. She loves animals and was pointing at every animal book she saw. It took me a long time to take a picture of her because she acts very silly every time you point a camera at her.

"Getting Ready", Miami, Florida 2011
I took this picture in my parents bathroom. I had to create more light in the room to make a good picture. In this picture there is natural light from the window and all of the bathroom lights were on which is why it is a good picture of my mom putting on lip gloss.

"Wood Chucker", Miami, Florida 2011
I took this picture of my dad getting wood out of the truck. He is getting wood out of the car because he is making our new deck. My favorite part of the picture is the sky, light, clouds, and the trees. What is your favorite part?

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