Thursday, May 5, 2011

Iris Rising: Jenny Romney Photo Blog

My interest in graphic design led me to photography, thus expanding my creative horizons. I bought a DSLR with a kit lens five years ago and have been shooting and learning since. During this time, I read several books and articles and attended various seminars and workshops. But none as significant as the classes I have been able to attend at IPC under the personal guidance and instruction of Carl Juste and C. W. Griffin.

I like to photograph people, places I have been to, and things that intrigue me or engage me visually. Photography is my way of exploring the world around me. The classes I have taken at IPC have motivated and prepared me to also work freelance doing creative portraits, and photographing events. Making the best use of light, improving compositions, and going through the proper thought-process to make an image that speaks for itself are essential skills I have acquired at IPC. Finding the best angle, moving around, or simply waiting for something worthwhile to happen allows me to produce a more interesting image. Determining the right type and direction of light, creating a pleasing composition and utilizing the correct camera settings (aperture, ISO, shutter speed) takes dedication and practice, but, it’s hard work that pays off!

It is important to understand that photography is not just about the camera. It’s about the ability to see in new ways. Finding something interesting to photograph in an interesting way. It’s an artistic process that takes skill and talent, patience and practice. Isn’t that right, Carl?

"Driving Through Rain" Miami, Florida, 2010

Rain, like the sun, can make the most beautiful colors and shapes suddenly appear. Looking through rain-splattered front windshield of my car, I noticed the beautiful distortions of reflections and colors that the water produced on the object in front of me. I pulled over and parked to allow the rain to accumulate on the glass, focused on the tiny drops and let the colors and shapes take over the frame.

"Lunch Time"
Miami, Florida, 2006
Daisy Vasquez takes a moment to feed some ducks during her lunch hour. Vasquez finds feeding the ducks helps reduce her stress and is a form of relaxation. The daily routine however came to a halt after learning that bread is not nutritious and may be harmful to the ducks.

"Portrait of Briana", Miami, Florida, 2010

I made this artistic portrait of Briana in natural light using colors and textures to exude her beauty. For this image, is was important to select the proper time of day since the quality of sunlight is much richer in late afternoon.

At IPC Visual Lab the classes are often conducted outside, in real situations, for a hands-on demonstration of lighting techniques taught by instructors C.W. Griffin and Carl Juste. Each class comprises a new set of challenges and solutions for students who are guide individually and also in groups.

"Scooter Boy", Miami, Florida 2010

Ethan Bitton is photographed during IPC Visual Lab lighting exercise. I learned how to balance natural light with artificial light (strobes) by taking an exposure reading, setting the camera to the appropriate exposure, and choosing the matching aperture setting so that both sources of light are balanced.

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