Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Iris Rising: Eye Blog

"Powder Eye", Miami,Fl 2011

My name is Rubyann Smith-Hernandez. I am an 11 year-old girl in 5th grade.
I am a student at the IPC Visual Lab photography program. This is my third semester. My love for photography started when I took my first image. "Eye Blog" is my photojournalism essay on the eyes of some of the people who are close to me. I find eyes are interesting in their color and shape. Eyes are not my only subjects, but they inspire me to see the similarities and difference of people through their eyes. I was first inspired by my friend Caila's eye,it showed me how another "eye" can be different and still speak to me.

"Brown Weave", Miami,Fl 2011
This is the main result of Molly's eye after I blew the dust off.

"Me Myself and Eye"
, Miami,Fl 2011
This is my eye when it was so green.

"Green explosion"
, Miami,FL 2011
This is my grandmas eye. She is 89 years old so this is an old eye.

"Looking Glass Eye" Miami, FL 2011
This looks like a glass eye because her eye is so clear. You can also see a reflection of a window.

"Kaleidoscope Eye", Miami,Fl 2011
I named this photo "Kaleidoscope eye" because the sun is in her eyes and it makes them sparkle.

"Baby Blue", Miami,Fl 2011
This is Miles, my instructor's son. This semester we had to make documentary photographs. I thought this would end my "Eye Blog."

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