Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Iris Rising: Ethan Bitton

I first became interested in photography some time ago when my parents asked if I could take a picture of them with their point and shoot camera. They were as impressed with their photo as I was inspired by their camera. Not long after that, I found a digital camera in the garage and started to snap away every day. Finally, a creative outlet for my artistic inclination!

I sought every opportunity where I could get involved with the camera. While at North Beach Elementary, my old school, I was invited to participate with other students in a project which aired a morning announcements show. It was a very rewarding experience that allowed me to learn some key concepts for good composition such as having the subject off-center and looking for different angles. I managed so well in this project that at the end of the year I received an award for best cinematographer. I've had many gifts in my life, but maybe the best one of all was the camera my father gave me for this accomplishment -- my first new DSLR, a Nikon D40! This particular incident shifted gears for me, as well. I enrolled at Miami Arts Charter School by the 8th grade and during the weekends I started photography classes at IPC Visual Lab. Carl Juste and C.W. Griffin, my instructors, are extremely knowledgeable and talented. I value the personalized attention that I receive from them and my improvement has been very noticeable. My assignments are interesting and purposeful and my work is always assessed which is extremely beneficial. I am proud to say that I have earned some wall-worthy space at the IPC Visual Lab Gallery Exhibit and sold a few of my works at auction.

Take Your Child to Work Day

On Thursday, April 28,2011 I shadowed Miami Herald photojournalist, Carl Juste. One of his assignments was to cover the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run. While Mr. Juste was up in the air in the cherry picker, I was on the ground next to the starting line. It was a great experience because of my total access pass which I have received due Mr. Juste.

Early Stretch
- A man stretches on the floor at the feet of thousands of runners. I later found that he was a cancer survivor so he did not care about what other people thought of him.

Countless Legs - There were over twenty-one thousand people racing that day. I made this photo to show the amount of different people who participated in the race. You can see how the heat was taking a toll on the runners. The race had not yet begun, but sweat had already drenched their legs.

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