Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Completion of the 7x10 Project


The purpose of Project 7:10 was to produce one image each day for 10 weeks. Taking a photo every day was the easy part. The challenge was creating a photo, on a daily basis, that actually illustrated my thoughts, concept, or vision of the subject or scene being photographed, and which had a strong composition. The real challenge for me was having to push myself creatively and seeing the familiar patterns of my routines in a new light—to see the shapes, shadows, faces and actions that I often overlook.

This exercise forced the discipline I needed in order to discover the shapes I was seeking in random places; and it also showed me how easily I can fall into a rut just shooting in my comfort zone. I had to push myself to look at streets differently, to seek out people, to be aware of what's in the background and to work with the limitations of my camera.

Project 7x10 is a reflection of reality. It is about the captured moment in time and embracing the truth of an image. I missed four days for reasons beyond my control, but I put my best effort into every one of 66 photos you see here. Of course, the true purpose of this exercise was to help me grow as a photographer, both from technical and creative aspects. Mission accomplished.

Carl Juste: Wow, you are finally done! What a amazing visual journey! It is really special to be able to see your improvements and set backs in one place. Seems like it was yesterday when took your first frame. Your hard work has paid off. Congrats and thank you for allowing us to tag along on your magnificent visual journey.

Seven days, ten weeks, and now it is over. What a ride! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, images, and inspiration.

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