Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inner Vision: Day 61 - 65

Day 61: Dock

When: 15 April, 8:19 p.m.
Where: Publix parking garage, 3rd level, South Beach
Exposure: F3.3, 1/50, ISO1600
Inner Thoughts: As soon as I pulled into the rooftop lot I saw this guy half-illuminated under the light and I liked the near-symmetry of him and the shopping cart in the light at two otherwise equal picnic tables.

Jennifer Kay is a Miami-based reporter for The Associated Press who has enrolled in Iris' IPC Visual Lab. Before moving to Miami in 2005, Kay was an editorial assistant in the AP’s Philadelphia bureau, and previously graduated in 2001 from Dartmouth College, where she was the photography editor of the daily student newspaper. Kay is looking to expand her knowledge of the visual language and to engage in the process of visual story-telling. Her blog will be a common feature for the next several month on the Iris PhotoCollective's Iris Rising series.

Day 62: Bus Stop

When: 22 May, 7:435 p.m.
Where: bus stop outside Publix, 6th and Alton, South Beach
Inner Thoughts: Bus stops are things I notice more now, after having to shoot a photo a day for 60-some days now. I was shooting from the hip as I passed this one, but I didn't realize the exposure was so off. Still, when I played with the exposure in processing, I liked this frame better than anything else I shot this day.

Day 63: Shadow Walk

When: 23 May, 6:22 p.m.
Where: Outside Carl's office
Inner Thoughts: Several weeks ago, Carl pointed out the shadows these air conditioning units cast when the light was just right. Here's my attempt to repeat the frame he captured with my camera.

Uh, whoops! Day 64 is a blank. No idea what happened here, but clearly there's no photo to prove I did anything this day.

Day 65: Pool

When: 25 May, 12:47 p.m.
Where: The Biltmore, Coral Gables
Inner Thoughts: The light is really what's wrong with this picture. I was covering a lunchtime speech, and a few minutes to spare in a beautiful hotel space. Unfortunately, the light at lunchtime is generally awful. Not even the balloons going up the stairs could make this interesting.

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